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     Been Locked Out? Have you ever been locked out of the house and you don\'t know how to get in? That can be a real emergency, you can go around and try other doors try other windows and even look and see if you have a pet door that you could fit. Yes getting locked out of your house can be a real emergency situation it usually causes stress when we\'re already in a hurry and there is a reason that you accidentally got locked out and don\'t have your key with you. What you can do is prepare ahead of time so that should you get locked out you have ways that you can get back into your house..

     Lock And Door Harware Installation or Repairs? Now if you get into a problem where it\'s just simply unlocking, the mechanism for your door. If it\'s a new key, it may not be cut properly. So you want to check your old keys and see if they still work. Now if it doesn\'t it could be that it\'s getting a little corrosion in there. And what you can do is on the lock side is you can spray either a silicone spray or a graphite type pf spray, something that you can pick up at any hardware store or home improvement store. The most common problem around the house with a lock problem or a doorknob problem is when you shut the door, you can\'t lock the deadbolt or the doorknob won\'t catch and the door won\'t, it won\'t actually close, you can just pull the door right back open without turning the doorknob..

     Rekeying Services And how much does it cost to rekey a cylinder? How much does it cost to rekey a cylinder and is a cheaper to rekey or to change out or replace hardware now when reaching the price on reeking cylinders varies a lot depending on whether it\'s residential commercial do you have an existing key do you not have an existing key what what type of hardware it is but if you\'re talking about residential Hardware usually it\'s just a simple knob or a deadbolt and assuming that you have an existing key usually arranges anywhere from on the low-low side to may be $9.50 per keyhole to rekey it to maybe 1350 on the higher-end commercial side usually you could be dealing with commercial red levers deadbolts electronic locks panic hard winter so the prices vary a lot more on commercial hardware so if you have an existing key is usually somewhere between maybe $13,50 to $25 on the high end to rekey commercial hardware so that talks about what it costs to to rekey.

     Safe Combination Changes And How to properly dial in your safe combination into a manual dial.Although there are many different brands and dial patterns depending on the manufacturer this is by far the most common dialing pattern out there. I would even go as far as to say that 90% of the manual safe dials out there use this dialing pattern. So I have a training dial here: a manual dial has a cutaway where you can see what\'s going on in the inner workings on the back.

     Access Control Systems & Alarms. Alarm! Everybody out! But why are the doors closed? And why can\'t the employees get into their office? With proper access control systems built on the latest home camera systems this kind of thing won\'t happen..